ePAVE cool pavement technology

Engineered to preserve asphalt and concrete surfaces with a life-extending layer of protection that reduces their impact on climate change while saving you time and money.

ePAVE covers 80 thousand square feet of LA street

ePAVE for Infrastructure

Governments, agencies, architects, city planners:
a smart sustainable city begins with ePAVE.

ePAVE on Santa Monica Boulevard since 2014 - proven durability over six years and 10 million cars

ePAVE for Commercial / Residential Projects

Put ePAVE to work wherever people live, work and play–no job is too big or too small.

ePAVE in the outdoor play spaces at the Jeff Seymour Family Center in El Monte
Photo Credit: Amigos de los Rios

ePAVE for Contractors

Fast, easy to apply. Let us show you how to become a certified ePAVE installer!

Workers installing ePAVE in the parking lot of the La Kretz Innovation Campus Photo Credit:LACI

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Better roads, healthier neighborhoods, cooler, more livable cities- that’s the ePAVE way

ePAVE is the highest performing cool pavement product on the market today, a patented polymer-enhanced formula engineered to preserve asphalt and concrete surfaces with a layer of protection that significantly reduces their impact on air pollution and climate change. ePAVE is a reflective coating that mitigates Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) by lowering both surface and ambient air temperatures, reducing energy use in nearby buildings and improving air quality – leading to lower energy costs and heat-related illness. In neighborhoods where heat islands are a problem, use ePAVE as a step toward environmental equity.

Safe, smart, sustainable – put ePAVE to work for you today. LEARN MORE >

ePAVE saves money

  • Tested and proven to have a lifespan of 5-10 years (depending on traffic)
  • Protects against UV rays, rain, snow, road salt, chemicals, fuels and lubricants
  • 2 times longer than traditional paving solutions

ePAVE saves time

Smart, sustainable cities start with ePAVE

  • Extends the life of paved surfaces, while mitigating heat island effects
  • Lowers surface temperatures by 5-30 degrees
  • ePAVE is safe and non-toxic