ePAVE for Sustainability

ePAVE’s cool pavement technology creates a powerful, non-toxic seal with higher solar reflectance than conventional
paving methods, and works three ways to make impact wherever it’s applied:

Economic Impact 

ePAVE saves money by extending pavement life 2 to 5 times longer than standard pavement treatments.

• Less frequent repair and reduced maintenance costs

• Lower energy usage and air conditioning costs in buildings adjacent to treated areas

Environmental Impact

ePAVE makes cityscapes cooler and hospitable for people and their pets, with streets and neighborhoods that are more walkable, livable and equitable.

• Reduces heat-related illnesses

• ePAVE is a LEED** qualified product, making it an important component of sustainability plans and green building

Human Impact

Conventional paved surfaces like those in the United States can reach seasonal temperatures of 120°F to 151°F *
storing heat below the surface that is released at night as well as warming storm runoff water throughout the day.

• ePAVE is tested and proven to lower surface temperatures by 5-30 degrees

• Fights climate change effects
by mitigating toxic GHG emissions

• Allows storm water runoff to flow clean
and cool into local watersheds